Perth Pet Centre

Where the animals come first, but customers are a close second.


Some of the services we provide include pet boarding when pet owners are unable to care for their pets due to holidays, hospital stays or other unavoidable situations that prevents them from being able to look after their pets for a short time.

We also provide home or business visits to set up and maintain fish tanks and vivarium's on a scheduled or call out basis.

As a Bestpets retailer our customers have full access to the Bestpets catalogue and can order any product direct from us, we receive a delivery from Bestpets at least once every week. please click on the link below to see what's available.

1 Melville Street, Perth. PH1 5PY.

Change Of Direction

After a lot of thought we have decided to downsize our stock of pets, we will still be able to supply all types of pets as we do now but we won't be keeping as many in the shop. This will make way for a much bigger range of pet products such as toys, habitats, substrates, heating & lighting equipment and of course foods and feeding equipment. To help make space we will be offering some of our animals complete with their enclosures at greatly discounted prices over the next few months.

Anyone wanting to order a pet can still do so a list of what's available will be displayed in the shop.

Meet Ozzie

Visit us soon, we are open 7 days a week for you and your pet. Meet our very own pet Ozzie the Coatimundi  and all our other pets who are looking for loving homes.

Always do research on the needs of any animal you wish to keep and make sure you know how to care for them. Each creature has different needs such as diet, substrates, habitat, heat and lighting and much more.

We are compiling a selection of care sheets to help you look after your pet and give it a long and happy life.

About Our Pets

The care and welfare of our animals is our number one priority. All our animals are fed and watered daily by our staff and team of dedicated volunteers, many of whom are on work experience, animal welfare or veterinary courses. We could not stock the range of pets we do if it wasn't for the invaluable help of our volunteers. Our shop food bill is in excess of £200 per week, and if any of our animals require medical treatment they are taken to our vet regardless of cost. Our enclosures are checked on a daily basis and cleaned when necessary. If you see a problem with any of our animals please let us know.

FREE On street Parking in the streets of Perth surrounding our shop for 15 minutes. Just get a Ticket from the machine. Longer parking is £1 per hour.

Parking is FREE on Sunday's.

New Longer Hours

Our new opening hours  are 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Seven Day's A Week.


We have been working very hard over the last few months to set up our brand new online store. We are still adding some wonderful products and making final arrangements for a reliable delivery service and setting up payment options. Once the work is complete our customers will be able to order products from us online and get them delivered to their door anywhere in the United Kingdom. You can browse the store now but you can't place orders until everything is in place.