Perth Pet Centre

Where the animals come first, but customers are a close second.


Some of the services we provide include pet boarding when pet owners are unable to care for their pets due to holidays, hospital stays or other unavoidable situations that prevents them from being able to look after their pets for a short time.

We also provide home or business visits to set up and maintain fish tanks and vivarium's on a scheduled or call out basis.

As a Bestpets retailer our customers have full access to the Bestpets catalogue and can order any product direct from us, we receive a delivery from Bestpets at least once every week. please click on the link below to see what's available.

We are located at PH1 5PY.
1 Melville Street, Perth. PH1 5PY.

August Sale

To make way for new stock that's due to arrive in the coming weeks we are discounting some of our livestock. Please go to the various pages and see the discounted prices. Please note that once the pet in question is sold new stock will revert to full price.

Meet Ozzie

Visit us soon, we are open 7 days a week for you and your pet. Meet our very own pet Ozzie the Coatimundi  and all our other pets who are looking for loving homes.

Always do research on the needs of any animal you wish to keep and make sure you know how to care for them. Each creature has different needs such as diet, substrates, habitat, heat and lighting and much more.

We are compiling a selection of care sheets to help you look after your pet and give it a long and happy life.

Live Plants

We now have a healthy selection of Live Plants for Aquariums in our Plant Tank.

Our Aquatic Plants are now either potted or lead bunched either way the price is the same £2.75 or 4 for £10.00 or if you really want to do a good display 10 for £20.00.

We also now stock Live Plants suitable for Vivarium's and Terrariums they are all potted and individually priced. You can find them displayed along with our reptiles throughout their various homes.

About Our Pets

The care and welfare of our animals is our number one priority. All our animals are fed and watered daily by our staff and team of dedicated volunteers, many of whom are on animal welfare or veterinary courses. We could not stock the range of pets we do if it wasn't for the invaluable help of our volunteers. Our shop food bill is in excess of £200 per week, and if any of our animals require medical treatment they are taken to our vet regardless of cost. Our enclosures are checked on a daily basis and cleaned when necessary. If you see a problem with any of our animals please let us know.

New Longer Hours

Our new opening hours  are 12 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Seven Day's A Week.

Coming in September

New Improved Website and Social Media Activity. We are currently working with our website suppliers to upgrade our website and introduce an online shop, although just in the very early stages we are really excited at the opportunities that lie ahead and hope to offer our customers an online shop that will give them access to a much wider range of goods than we can ever hope to stock in our shop. We are also linking our website to social media, we are already on Facebook and intend to expand our presence with a YouTube channel and a Twitter Account all our activity will be linked from the website keeping everyone updated no matter what way they source their information.